Our Mission

Our aim is to provide our children with a dynamic and progressive education that guarantees them the following:

  • Academic and moral excellence
  • Self-confidence and self-reliance
  • A firm grasp of Christian ideals and principles
  • Ample preparation for the numerous challenges of modern society

This we hope to achieve by:

  • Providing an appropriate environment, safe, attractive, loving, challenging and stimulating, that would encourage each student to work hard towards the fulfilment of all his/her potentials;
  • Helping students to develop lively and enquiring minds with the ability to voice out their curiosity and to reason rationally;
  • Helping students to understand the world in which they live, the interdependence of individuals, groups (religious, tribal, etc.) and nations, and to develop attitudes that would enable them to be responsible members of society;
  • Encouraging students to develop self-discipline and appreciation of their personal worth;
  • Acknowledging that the school is the Lord’s, that the children whose nurturing we have been entrusted with are the apple of His eye, and thus giving the job our everything;
  • Developing a culture of cooperation between the Board of Directors, management, teaching and non-teaching staff and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) for the successful realization of these goals.